The H2O Boyz logo with water drop.

Water Questions...

Q: How much water do I need?

A: Use our Water Calculator to estimate how many gallons will fill your pool.


Q: Where do you get the water?

A: We buy the potable water from local municipal water supplies with a proven record for quality.


Q: Is the water chlorinated?

A: Yes. Our water contains a small amount of chlorine for purity and meets state standards for drinking water.


Q: Can we use our pool the same day?

A: Yes, our water is treated and ready to use.


Delivery Questions...


Q: Will the truck need to pull into our yard?

A: No, we pump safely from the street, always careful not to disturb flowerbeds or plantings around you property.


Q: Do I need to be at home to receive a delivery?

A: No, we only need to arrange payment.


Q: How can I pay for the delivery charge?

A: We accept cash only.


Q: Do I need to pay on delivery, or can you leave me a bill?

A: We require payment upon completion of the last load.


Q: Do you fill above ground pools?

A: Yes. We fill all types of pools and spas, large and small.


Q: Can the water filling process damage my pool?

A: No, we fill new pools very slowly and gradually increase the rate of flow.


Q: How long does it take to empty your water tanker?

A: Between 15 and 25 minutes.